After the Process of Rolling the Hydraulic Cutting Press Cuts the Gold/Silver blanks sheet. Blank Sheet Can Be Cut into the desired shape which is provided through cutting dies/molds. After the Blanking Process, the blanks are ready to be minted into a hydraulic stamping press.

These hydraulic cutting presses can cut 1100 to 1200 blanks pieces per 60 minutes.

Cutting dies can be in shape of circle, rectangular and many more can be designed accordingly to dimensions

Product Specifications

Maximum Working Thrust Tons 20 40
Maximum Working Pressure Bars 200 250
Useful Stroke MM 90 100
Working Speed Stroke p/min 18-20 22-25
Oil Tank Capacity ltr 40 45
Cutting Capacity Hour 1100-1200 1200-1300
Overall Weight Kg 580 680
Electricity Volts 380/440 380/440