This machine is used in minting industries especially for gold and silver coins as well production of gold and silver bars.
The well built frame supports the two spherical stands made of iron or stainless steel upholds the assembled solid crossbar.

Product Specifications

Model No S/1/125 S/1/150 S/1/200 S/1/250
Roller width 125 150 200 250
Roller diameter 70 100 125 130
Sheet Max 19-0.6 19-0.6 19-0.6 19-0.6
Roller speed 45 45 45 45
Max. thickness 22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm
Electric Motor 1.5HP-230V 3HP-440V 5HP-440V 5HP-440V
Weight 250Kg 480Kg 525Kg 600Kg

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